A journey of taste

Each dish has a story to tell, something to whisper to your palate.

Everyone knows that in Romagna we love good food. And here in Cattolica, near the Marche region, we strive to exemplify true regional cuisine, defending our traditions but also letting ourselves be inspired by ideas from outside our borders.

Here Mediterranean cuisine is at its best. At the Hotel Imperiale, for lunch and dinner, we love to delight your palate with dishes that are expertly prepared by our chef.

We use seafood from the Adriatic Sea, fresh seasonal vegetables and local meats. Everything is chosen with the utmost care and you can taste the difference, from appetizers to dessert.

Our piadina flat bread is strictly homemade to ensure an authentic flavour, just like our focaccia bread and pizzas.

Thanks to the experience and creativity of our chefs, every dish is genuine and delicious.

Take a seat and savour the flavour

On the table, the great taste of tradition

Every day you can order off the menu, choosing between different meat and fish dishes with 3 first courses and 3 main courses.

What menu item will inspire you today?

Whatever you choose, we have one piece of advice: leave room for dessert!

Embrace your desire for a holiday