At the Hotel Imperiale, you will find a small bar with a “food wall” open until 10 pm.

Your trusty ally for gourmet snacks at any time of the day, from happy hour to a glass of wine after dinner.

If you are a snack lover… you will find a selection of gourmet sandwiches + thoughtfully prepared with the best local ingredients.

If you like to keep things light… you will find the big salad + menu, which is varied and delicious, for a tasty and light pit stop.

Choose whatever you want and enjoy it wherever you please, on the terrace, in your room, poolside or even on the beach.

And to drink?

Besides soft drinks and beer, there is Paolo’s personal selection of wines from local wineries.

100% local labels to accompany your toasts and moments of enjoyment.

Whet your appetite

More to taste, at any hour

The Bar + is the perfect way to flavour your day after your abundant Breakfast +.

What you want, when you want it, for delicious unique snacks after hours.

Embrace your desire for a holiday
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