Here at the Hotel Imperiale we are sure of one thing: you should start every day of your vacation like royalty. Which is why every morning we wake up early to prepare the breakfast that’s served in our dining room or terrace. Your only requirement is to be inspired by our daily selection and enjoy every minute without rushing.

The express coffee bar offers delicious beverages, just like your favourite coffee shop. Enjoy ground coffee beans turned into frothy cappuccinos or perhaps a tea, herbal blend or various fruit juices.

For people with a sweet tooth we have delicious baked goods, croissants with different fillings, crostata, pound cake and cookies. Fresh bread can please any palate, rye or white, perfect for spreading on Nutella or your favourite fruit jam.

For people who, even on holiday, prefer to maintain their same healthy and light dietary habits, we offer a selection of fruit, both seasonal and tinned. These are perfect to have alongside our yogurts and cereals.

Do you love a hearty American-style breakfast? Then you’ll find salami, cold cuts, and sliced cheeses and obviously eggs, both hardboiled and scrambled.

A tasty good morning

served in the dining room or on the terrace

We serve each dish directly to your table, so you can enjoy the start of your day in complete tranquillity.

You can decide where to enjoy your breakfast, either in our restaurant dining room or outside on the terrace with the gentle morning breeze.

And your carefree day has begun!

Embrace your desire for a holiday