You cannot just call it breakfast.

At the Imperiale Hotel, breakfast always offers something + more.

Are you the “coffee and let’s go!” type?
Or perhaps someone who loves enjoying even the smallest ritual, like leisurely dipping your croissant in a cappuccino?

Here breakfast + is a tailor-made experience for your wake-up routine.

Come down into the dining room and let yourself be inspired by the buffet, Paolo will be happy to serve you anything you like, until late morning.

You’ll find everything and more.

Croissants with various fillings, crostata, cakes and biscuits. Our fresh bread will delight any palate, whether rye or white, perfect for spreading with Nutella or your favourite jam. Then there is the fresh seasonal fruit, ideal to eat with yoghurt or cereal.

Do you love starting your day with savoury treats? Find cold cuts and cheeses of all kinds, our savoury pies, quiches, eggs, bacon and even + more.

Our coffee bar serves espresso coffee from ground coffee beans and cappuccinos with soft foam, and then there are herbal and regular teas and fruit juices.

Bed & Beach
Bed & Beach
Do you love sunbathing? Enjoy our breakfast +, then explore the Riviera beaches or relax here at the pool.
Bed & Work
Bed & Work
Is it work that brings you to Cattolica? Don’t miss out on the good food! Our breakfast + is already prepared for you at 7 am.
Bed & Sport
Bed & Sport
Our breakfast + is also designed for those of you who love to practice sports and need lots of energy.
Bed & Fun
Bed & Fun
Did we already mention that you can sleep in late and that our breakfast + will still be waiting for you until 12 noon?

More to taste, until late

We even wait for the sleepyheads

Stay a little longer under the covers!

Pamper yourself and hit the snooze button.

The breakfast buffet opens at 7:00 am and we will wait for you until 12 noon.

Fill your plate at the buffet and take a seat wherever you like, either in the dining room or outside on the terrace.

Embrace your desire for a holiday
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